Adding Sunscreen and Sun Safety to Public Policy


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Holistic public policy can be reached by using a two pronged approach. A two-pronged approach would involve creating a policy and then providing support to the targeted group to ensure that those targeted follow through with the proposed policy. An example given is that the policy needs to promote family-focused sun safety, and then the public policy must provide an environment to support the behavior of family-focused sun safety.  This could be from providing reef friendly sunscreen or other types of sun protection for little to no cost for families with children.

Sun safety needs to be promoted as a “safety issue” and not just as part of dermatology denver. Research found that individuals equate sun-safety with healthy eating, drinking, and exercise.  This disease prevention method suggests that prevention is acquired by a long-term tendency towards safe behavior.  Unfortunately, skin cancer can be fatal with only one incident of unsafe behavior. 

Therefore, in terms of immediate and devastating one-time impact, sun safety has more in common with, for example, child road safety.  It is suggested, as with child road safety, that when sun safety is promoted as a “safety issue,” there will definitely be more of a “responsibility and readiness” to action, which helps prevention a lot more than other techniques.

It can be hard to work toward policy changes that are going to work out for things like sun safety, but if we figure out what is going on and make sure that we know what we’re doing, we can actually find a lot of solutions that make sense and we can start working toward policies that help everyone out. And that alone can end up being the one thing that stops issues like melanoma from becoming a bigger problem to the whole entire world.