Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Properly

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For a true rider, you might have known that helmet is as important as your motorcycle. Once you have got your best motorcycle helmet, it should be maintained and kept in top condition in order for your joyous ride not to become a deadly experience.

You can just spend a few minutes on cleaning your hood once or twice every months, do not make it an annual event. It is highly recommended that you should carefully read instructions of helmet manufacturers for the right use. Here are some useful tips and step by step guide on how to properly clean your motorcycle helmet:

  1. Preparation

To start off the process, you need to prepare some certain tools and equipments beforehand. You toolkit should include an old but clean, soft toothbrush, a non-abrasive sponge, lint-free wipes or cloth, PH neutral baby shampoo, some pieces of cotton buds, maybe a toothpick, several cleaning products like dish soap, and silicon grease.

  1. Strip down the helmet

In order to clean the hood properly, you should disassemble some parts. Consult the helmet manufacture’s manual online resources to ensure what and how removable parts come off as well as put pack where they belong, after that.

You should then strip down the helmet, and carefully remove any part that can be removed, such as cheek pads, the visor, beak, nose guard, chin curtain and all. You can use the brush and toothpick to work on the tight crevices around the seals and vents, places where dirt, too.

  1. Get wet and clean the helmet liner and padding

When your helmet is bare naked, it’s bath time.

With removable liner – Once you have removed the liners and cheek pads, soak them in warm water with a small amount of baby shampoo. Scrub all the parts and rinse them off. Keep up the process until all grimes stops coming out of the linings. Or you can place these removable liners into a washing bag and throw them into the washing machine, wash them on the “gentle” or “hand-wash” setting.

When you’re done washing those removable parts, hang them up to air dry. You may not want to apply heat due to the liners and pads shrinking and no longer fitting the helmet. While the parts are drying, you should now clean the inside of your hood. Have a damp cloth and wipe it down. It is unwise to use any chemicals for cleaning, because it can damage the protective liner.

With non-removable liner – Once removing all the helmet parts, you should dunk your hood in a solution of water and a little baby shampoo for a few minutes. Then you can start cleaning it with your hands, massage the padding and liner with soapy water for grime getting out. Do it gently in order to not damage your helmet. After that, you rinse the hood off with clean water so as to get rid of all soap residue. When you are done cleaning the helmet, it is time to dry it. You can set it in front of a fan and then let it air dry. Be careful, do not use additional heat to dry unless it becomes unfit and damaged.

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Best Microfiber Travel Gym Towel Bundle

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Moving around the country of Vietnam, especially having a tour along the Mekong Delta is such a relaxing way of spending your holiday trip. Going to Mekong Delta will make you feel like you want to stay on the boat for a very long time and enjoy the ride. And while enjoying the boat ride, you are having fun shopping for food and souvenir items. And aside from that, while on the Mekong Delta, you will feel like you are playing on the water, but you have to stay under the sun. And so, it will be a tiring day too. You will surely sweat because of the hot weather.


When you are on a trip, especially in the Mekong Delta, where you will surely feel the
 heat of the sun. You have to make sure that you have a microfiber travel gym towel that you will use for your trip. Remember, that you have to think about your health and sanitation. So you have to bring clean towels and wear clean clothes. This will surely make you feel comfortable on your ride along the Mekong Delta.

You might be asking you have to use a microfiber travel gym towel for your travel? When it comes to the towel that you will use, especially along the Mekong Delta, where you will experience much heat under the sun; microfiber towel is important because it easily dries, than any other standard or normal towel that you use after having a shower.

The best microfiber travel gym towel is a must when you are traveling to warm places like the Mekong Delta because you will surely sweat along the boat trip. This microfiber travel gym towel is said to be the best because of the absorbent that is found in it. Since, the microfiber travel gym towel absorbs water so fast, and then it does not matter if you sweat along the Mekong Delta trip because your microfiber travel gym towel will make you dry. Your boat riding experience will then be more comfortable.

Another good thing about the microfiber travel gym towel is that it is not that heavy. It weighs lighter than other ordinary towels you use. And so, because of its light weight, then it will not be too bulky to bring and keep in the bag or even in your luggage.

The best microfiber travel gym towel must always be considered, not only on your Mekong Delta tours. A microfiber travel gym towel is a must to carry in any trip you have, especially when your trip is on a summer day. And if you have plans of going to different Asian countries, a microfiber travel gym towel is a necessity.

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Choose a Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair

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Hair is one of the identical components of a human body. It is so important for everyone as it helps to enhance the outlook that every single person takes care of his or her hair. There are several ways of taking care of your hair. It is quite a long process when you are trying to maintain a healthy, silky and smooth hair.

One of the important part of taking care of your hair is drying the wet hair after bathing. Many of us, in fact almost all the persons do not take this part seriously. They are always rubbing their head with a towel used for shower or let the hair just be wet. Sometimes this is not good as it wet hair has higher possibilities to get infected by fungus. Drying your hair by brushing is also a difficult job to do as it requires to be more careful. To solve this problem, there is an invention of science, known as hair dryer reviews.

Which one to buy?

A hair dryer is a mechanical device which helps to dry your hair so fast. There are different kinds of hair dryers in the shops available. But not every dryer suits all kind of hair. Here are some of the best hair dryers for your hair are given below:

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What Not To Do With Your Hair

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Hair is a protein fiber that increases from follicles originate in the dermis, or skin. We love our hair so much that we make easy yet dashing hair style & follow glamorous hair tutorials encouraged by the celebrities. Hair is one of the most important things of our body. And if you want to keep your hair in an excellent condition you have to avoid some things that are harmful for your hair. Some important tips are given below.


  • Over-washing hair

You should not ever wash your hair every day. It can shred essential oils from your hair.

  • Too much brushing

It’s one of the worst thing to do with your hair. Brush your hair less & use your finger to style your hair. You can brush your hair in the morning then when you going out of home use your finger to fix it.

  • Do not get several treatment

Don’t get coloring & straightening at the same time.

  • Not conditioning your hair  

To keep your hair in tip top shape you have to avoid fearing conditioner. Use the perfect conditioner for your hair.

  • Wearing a ponytail everyday

Some people love to costume their hair in a pony to keep it out of their face, but doing it every day is harmful for hair.

  • Constant color

If you want to care your hair properly, you have to leave with the color fascination. Coloring damage’s the hair tube even more so than heat does.

  • A smaller amount of styling agent please

Silicon products, gels, sprays & serums those are harmful for your hair.

  • Smoking

If you want good hair, you have to left smoking.

  • A poor diet

If you are scared of fat or not eating protein enough, then you are restricting your hair with your body & skin.

  • Lots of heat

Unnecessary & constant heating can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

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The Most beautiful female hair styles 2015

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Who does not like to be look special? Everyone does. And when the outlook depends on the styling of the hair, girls become more serious than ever. Your style is the identifier of your personality. It does not matter how beautiful you are or how beautifully you do your make over, if your hair is not done properly and it is still messy, all of your hard work will go in vain. So it is important for any girl to do their hairstyle properly when they are out for some hangout or go for partying.

Here we will discuss about some of the trendy hairstyles of 2015 for girls.

Low Profile

Gorgeous-One-Side-Hairstyles-2015-for-Summer-Season-26 Low Profile is a kind of hairstyle that contains Ponytails, Messy Ponytails, and Metal Wrapped Ponytails etc. These different kinds of ponytails are individually different types of hairstyles but all of them have one thing in common. All of them are tied too low. That is why it is named as low profile. This type of fashion is so popular these days.

Side Taking Style

This one is an age old style. This was so famous in the mid 60’s or early 70’s. But the earth rotates, so do everything including style. It has come again to the fashion world due to its glamorous look. When a girl is putting her hair in a particular side with it looks way too gorgeous. When you have to look smart and posh and you do not have much time in your hand, just do the hair by putting it in a side. It is one of the easiest hairdos ever. This style is now so popular amongst the ladies around the world.

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5 Simple Steps of Hair Care Daily

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No matter who you are, a boy or a girl, your hair is the most important part of your body part which helps you look more gorgeous and sophisticated. When you are going to the office for a meeting, surely you cannot have a messy hair. Or if you are a model in profession, you must need a good hair style to be on the showbiz. And to have a good hair style, you must have a healthy hair. To maintain a healthy and proper hair, you need to follow some steps regularly, which may result in something really good in near future.

5 simple steps which helps you to take care of your hair daily is given below:

  1. Brush your hair

Brushing hair is one of the most effective and important care tips in the list. You may find brushing your hair not necessary but it is so helpful that you cannot even imagine. Brushing your hair helps the blood flow to increase beneath your head skin. The head skin is one of the most sensitive skins of your body. Insufficient blood flow may cause huge hair fall which may turn into baldness in future, which is never expected by anyone. So brushing hair daily is important for everyone.

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The 10 Best Beauty Tips in the 2015

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We live in a modern age where without a very posh outlook you will not be able to gain someone’s heart at the first glance. And for that maintaining the beauty is important. Here are some trendy top ten beauty tips in the year of 2015 given below:

  1. Make your hair look gorgeous. Making over your hair is considered to be the hardest part for any girl as they really care about their hairs. You can take a look on the styles which are going on. You may have a low profile ponytail or a messy tie do with your hair.
  2. Be careful choosing and using the dye for your hair. Which does not suits you, must not be put on by you. If you are using a red dye all by your choice and see you look like a devil, please do not do that. You have many other colors to dye your hair. Choose wisely that matches with your personality.
  3. Fitness is important. Not only for girls, but it is also important for every boys too. Girls are always not eating properly and call it as dieting. This is not dieting. Dieting is having every kind of food which includes fat, starch and protein within a sufficient amount. Taking care of the body by physical exercises are also needed to maintain a perfect figure.
  4. Be the first to put the trendy lipstick on. Whenever there is a new lipstick coming out in the market be the first to grab one and then apply it to your lips. Go outside and everyone will be looking at you with some utter amusement.
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